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Pine Valley Bible Church



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Pine Valley have a nursery for infants?

A: Yes, a nursery is staffed and available for every worship service. For more information, please see section under “Worship Services,” or contact Cyndy at

Please note: Pastor Bumgardner respectfully requests that infants and toddlers not be in the adult worship service as the potential for distraction is too great.

Q: How can I find the appropriate Sunday School class for a child who will be visiting Pine Valley?

A: You may ask any usher to assist you, and he will be happy to personally take you to the appropriate class and introduce you to the teacher. You may also find information on Children’s Church under the section entitled “Worship Services.”

Q: Do you have Sunday School classes for adult groups?

A: Yes. Please contact Tom Peeler at 713.851.5122 for information or ask any greeter at the door and they will be happy to show you to the class.

Q: Do I need to bring a Bible to the worship services?

A: Most people find it very helpful to bring a Bible for the teaching part of the worship service. But most of our speakers will read from the Biblical text during their messages so you will be able to follow along.

Q: Do you have a “visitor’s center” or people assigned to help visitors meet members of the church?

A: There are greeters at the doors of the church who would be very happy to show you around and introduce you to members of our church if you will let them know you are a visitor. Prior to the commencement of the Sunday morning worship service, in the atrium area of the College of Biblical Studies, you will find coffee and refreshments and a group of people singing hymns of praise and visiting with each other. Additionally, we encourage you to take a few moments following the worship service to introduce yourself to our pastors. Above all else, we want to express Christ’s love to all our visitors with genuine, heartfelt warmth, so if you are comfortable in doing so, we encourage you to let us know you are visiting our church.

Q: Will I be asked to fill out a “visitor’s card” or stand or raise my hand during a service indicating that I am a visitor?

A: No, we do not wish to put anyone “on the spot” in that manner. You will find that most of the people in our congregation are very friendly, and it is quite likely several people will introduce themselves to you. We realize some people prefer to visit with anonymity until they have discerned whether this is a church they are interested in attending, so we will respect your right not to be put in the spotlight.

Q: When do you hold your communion services?

A: Communion is celebrated the second Sunday of each month (with some rare exceptions) during the morning worship service. All believers, regardless of church affiliation, are welcomed to worship the Lord Jesus Christ by partaking of the communion elements.

Q: What is the cost for ordering the audio lessons?

A: Pine Valley Bible Church records most worship services and Bible classes and makes these lessons available free of charge. Contributions are never solicited. It is our strong belief that the Lord's work done in the Lord's way will never lack the Lord's support. If you would like to order or download audio lessons, please see our website section entitled “Audio Ministry” for more information.

Q: Whom should I contact to become a member of Pine Valley?

A: You may either meet personally with Mike Boyd after any of our worship services or send an email to

Q: Whom should I contact for information on or scheduling a water baptism?

A: You may contact Pastor Bumgardner at or leave a message at 832.496.2673.

Q: Do you perform infant baptisms or christenings?

A: We believe that Scripture presents baptism as a declaration of faith in Christ, and since babies are too young to make a faith decision, we do not baptize or christen them.

Q: Do you request members to tithe?

A. Pine Valley Bible Church is totally dependent upon the free-will offerings of believers. Contributions are never solicited. When God motivates the believer, the believer is free to give.